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Have baby, will travel (PDF)
Published March 23, 1978

We’ve just passed through the motley cluster of buildings and farm implements where Highway 99 cuts through the tiny community of Tudor.


Growing Into The Mantle of Motherhood (PDF)
Published March 13, 1978

Chico – It’s just past 10 on a Wednesday morning, the clouds are low and a fine drizzle is smearing the windshield. My small brown-eyed friend is tugging on my sleeve, gurgling her enchantment at the movement of the wipers. 


Failure of ‘Superwoman’ Role (PDF)

Liv Ullmann is 40. Her daughter, Linn, 13. Liv Ullmann is thinking about having another baby. Within the next two years, if the man is right and the situation is right, the actress told writer Susan Berman in a recent interview, she might do it.