California Health, September 13, 2022

California Health – Panel 2: CARE Courts from Capitol Weekly on Vimeo.

Governor Newsom’s Care Court Proposal

The legislature passed SB1338, which creates the Community Assistance, Recovery and Empowerment (CARE) Court, a new system which could dictate treatment for 7,000-12,000 people suffering from addiction or severe mental illness per year.

Speakers: Corrin Buchanan, California Health and Human Services Agency; Randall Hagar, Psychiatric Physicians Alliance of California; Dr. Le Ondra Clark Harvey, California Council of Community Behavioral Health Agencies; Elizabeth Kaino Hopper, Sacramento Chapter, National Alliance on Mental Illness

Moderated by Sigrid Bathen, Capitol Weekly

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CALIFORNIA VOTES: A 2022 Election Preview, May 26, 2022


Dialysis Clinic Requirements

Proponents have introduced a Ballot Measure which would require a physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant, with six months’ relevant experience, on site during treatment at outpatient kidney dialysis clinics; authorizes exemption for staffing shortage if qualified medical professional is available through telehealth. Requires clinics to disclose to patients all physicians with clinic ownership interests of five percent or more. Requires clinics to report dialysis-related infection data to state. Prohibits clinics from closing or substantially reducing services without state approval. Prohibits clinics from refusing to treat patients based on source of payment.

Moderated by Sigrid Bathen of Capitol Weekly.

Panelists: Kathy Fairbanks, spokeswoman, Stop Yet Another Dangerous Dialysis Proposition; David Miller, Research Director, SEIU-UHW

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California Crime, March 3, 2022

California Crime Panel 1: TRUE CRIME – The Statistics from Capitol Weekly on Vimeo.

TRUE CRIME – The Statistics
California’s murder rate climbed 30% in 2020 and appears to have continued to rise in 2021. High profile Smash-and-Grab robberies made headlines; Some politicians blame Prop. 47 for creating a perception that these crimes have no consequences. Yet, property crime rates were at historic lows in 2020 – down 30% since 2000. Robberies decreased by 14% and rapes decreased by 8%. What are we to make of these statistics, and how do they compare to national trends? Did Prop. 47 cause a crime wave? What are the real numbers for California Crime?

Moderated by Sigrid Bathen of Capitol Weekly

Featuring: Magnus Lofstrom, Public Policy Institute of California; Alyson Lunetta,California Department of Justice Statistical Center; Jennifer Noble, CSU Sacramento; Gregory D. Totten, California District Attorneys Association

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Respecting personal autonomy while providing treatment is one of the most vexing issues in treatment of severe mental illness and addiction. Our panelists will look at this legal and ethical balancing act.

Moderated by Sigrid Bathen of Capitol Weekly

Panelists: Bridgette Dean, Sacramento Department of Community Response; Santa Clara County Mental Health Court Judge Stephen Manley; Al Rowlett, Turning Point Community Programs; Brian Stettin, Treatment Advocacy Center

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Women In Media 

Conversation Cafe – March 2020

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Featured in Summer 2019 Edition:

Sigrid Bathen, instructor, was the guest speaker for the California Writers Club recently, speaking on the topic, ‘Magazine Writing: Then and Now, Print to Digital.” She spoke about her multi-decade career that has spanned local and regional publication in California, and national publications as well. 

Bathen also recently completed an oral history project that included a 90-minute interview with legendary California lobbyist Clay Jackson – once the highest-paid, most prominent lobbyist in the state, who also served time in federal prison on political corruption charges. 

Featured in Fall 2019 Edition:






Tenth Year – Capitol Weekly presented its “Top 100” list for the 10th year recently. Attending the event (above) were Sigrid Bathen, lecturer, who has written for CW since its inception. Shown with Bathen are Chuck McFadden, former Associated Press Capitol correspondent, and Bertha Gaffney Gorman BA ’74, a Sac State alumna, and former reporter for The Sacramento Bee. 

Published in Winter 2020 Edition:

A new chapter is about to open for alumna Maryellen Burns, BA ’73, as she pursues yet another book.

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Sigrid Bathen, Communication Studies, was the guest speaker for the California Writers Club (Sacramento area chapter) on March 1, speaking on the topic, “Magazine Writing: Then and Now, Print to Digital,” describing her experiences “then and now” as a longtime journalist who has been a writer and editor for many local and state newspapers, magazines and other media, both print and online, including the Sacramento Bee, the Los Angeles TimesCalifornia JournalCapitol WeeklySacramento MagazineCalifornia Lawyer, the American Lawyer Newspapers GroupComstock’sMagazine,California MedicineMagazine, the Sacramento Business Journal, the California Health Care Foundation, and many others .

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