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Featured in Summer 2019 Edition:

Sigrid Bathen, instructor, was the guest speaker for the California Writers Club recently, speaking on the topic, ‘Magazine Writing: Then and Now, Print to Digital.” She spoke about her multi-decade career that has spanned local and regional publication in California, and national publications as well. 

Bathen also recently completed an oral history project that included a 90-minute interview with legendary California lobbyist Clay Jackson – once the highest-paid, most prominent lobbyist in the state, who also served time in federal prison on political corruption charges. 

Featured in Fall 2019 Edition:






Tenth Year – Capitol Weekly presented its “Top 100” list for the 10th year recently. Attending the event (above) were Sigrid Bathen, lecturer, who has written for CW since its inception. Shown with Bathen are Chuck McFadden, former Associated Press Capitol correspondent, and Bertha Gaffney Gorman BA ’74, a Sac State alumna, and former reporter for The Sacramento Bee. 

Published in Winter 2020 Edition:

A new chapter is about to open for alumna Maryellen Burns, BA ’73, as she pursues yet another book.

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March 2018

Sigrid Bathen, Communication Studies, was the guest speaker for the California Writers Club (Sacramento area chapter) on March 1, speaking on the topic, “Magazine Writing: Then and Now, Print to Digital,” describing her experiences “then and now” as a longtime journalist who has been a writer and editor for many local and state newspapers, magazines and other media, both print and online, including the Sacramento Bee, the Los Angeles TimesCalifornia JournalCapitol WeeklySacramento MagazineCalifornia Lawyer, the American Lawyer Newspapers GroupComstock’sMagazine,California MedicineMagazine, the Sacramento Business Journal, the California Health Care Foundation, and many others .

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