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Viewpoints: Plan to close UC Center seems ill-advised
Published November 13, 2009

Twenty-five University of California students and graduates from UC campuses were gathered around a long table in a windowless basement conference room in downtown Sacramento for a brown-bag lunch. On one side were 10 recent graduates, many working in and around the Capitol, who had participated in a popular public policy program – a program they say prepared them more than any other college experience for the realities of working in politics and public policy.

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Happy Owl Is A Class Full Of Love (PDF)

She is tiny and 3, clutching her blanket with a vengeance even Linus might find excessive. 


Riles: No ‘Simple Answers’ For Education (PDF)

Polls show that Californians are terribly concerned about two things: crime and schools. 



Whiz Kid Heads For Harvard (PDF)

Jonathan Shapiro, student member of the the state Board of Education, seems almost too good to be true. 


Her Math Adds Up (PDF)

Ricardo Zaragoza, 17, a senior at Luther Burbank Senior High School, has a trace of a Spanish accent – but only a trace. His family emigrated from Mexico when Ricardo was 11, and father works in a local cannery. Spanish is spoken at home and Ricardo says he still has to work at “thinking in English.” 

Open Programs, Open Minds (PDF)

Patches is a pleasant, mild-mannered calico cat who lives in Audre McGranahan’s second and third grade classroom at the Mission Avenue School in Carmichael. 

What’s Wrong With These Children? (PDF)

We’ve all seen the slack-jawed, dull eyed children sitting mesmerized in front of the tube. This is not about them, but rather about five Sacramento families who have take drastic action to curtail – or eliminate – the time they spent in front of the tube. 

Students Gear Up For Jobs (PDF)

Derek Haberman is 17 and has been working for what seems like hours on an horrific contraption replete with thousands of tiny wires. He clearly does not like to be interrupted. 

Board Grapples With Suspensions (PDF)

Members of the Sacramento City Unified School District Board of Education agreed Monday night that a huge jump in student suspensions is cause for concern – and spent much of a lengthy meeting searching in vain for immediate solutions. 

Student Suspensions Up For Second Month In Sacramento Schools (PDF)

Student suspensions in the Sacramento City Unified School District rose sharply for the second month in a row, with senior high school suspensions in the current school year more than double the number at the same time last year. 

Suspensions Provoke Problems (PDF)

She says she wants to go to college and major in “fine arts,” by which she means literature. She even has schools all picked out – two years in community college, partly because her grades aren’t exactly terrific, then on to a state university and then graduate school. 

24% Fail Rate For Seniors (PDF)

Nearly one-fourth of California public high school seniors may not graduate this June because they failed course requirements or state-mandated proficiency tests, a state Department of Education survey indicated Monday. 

Suspensions…Schools Report Figures Up Despite Decline in Enrollment (PDF)

A substantial increase in the number of student suspensions – despite steadily declining enrollments – is reported in current statistics to be presented to the Sacramento City Unified School District board of education tonight. 

Options To Discourage Dropouts Urged (PDF)

A review of California’s compulsory school attendance law has concluded that students should be required to stay in school until Aga 18 – or 16, if they satisfy graduation requirements – but that “desirable options” should be made available to the disenchanted. 

Wilson Riles: He’s Come Long Way (PDF)

Wilson Riles and his wife of 40 years, Mary Louise, live today in the same South Land Park house they bought 22 years ago from an “individual seller,” which in this case was 1959 real estate jargon for a white person willing to sell a house to a black person.