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Viewpoints: Plan to close UC Center seems ill-advised
Published November 13, 2009

Twenty-five University of California students and graduates from UC campuses were gathered around a long table in a windowless basement conference room in downtown Sacramento for a brown-bag lunch. On one side were 10 recent graduates, many working in and around the Capitol, who had participated in a popular public policy program – a program they say prepared them more than any other college experience for the realities of working in politics and public policy.

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whyhedieWhy Did He Die? Teenager’s Lonely Journey Through 10 Institutions (PDF)
Published February 12, 1980

On Jan. 17, Michael James Ervin died at age 17. But his hanging death in an Orangevale group home has raised questions about the subsequent investigation and about California’s system of institutional and foster care.


Ugly Death of California Boy, 6, Prompts Closer Look at Foster (PDF)
Published November 14, 1979

Danny Balfour turned 6 on Aug. 28, 1979. Less than a month later, he was beaten in a dingy green frame house across the street from the Del Norte County Welfare Department. He died in a hospital on Sept. 21 of massive head injuries.

babywilltravelHave baby, will travel (PDF)
Published March 23, 1978

“We’ve just passed through the motley cluster of buildings and farm implements where Highway 99 cuts through the tiny community of Tudor.
Valley fog has had us socked in from Gridley north, and my companion has diarrhea…”


Growing Into The Mantle of Motherhood (PDF)
Published March 13, 1978

“Chico – It’s just past 10 on a Wednesday morning, the clouds are low and a fine drizzle is smearing the windshield. My small brown-eyed friend is tugging on my sleeve, gurgling her enchantment at the movement of the wipers…”

superwomanroleFailure of ‘Superwoman’ Role (PDF)

“Liv Ullmann is 40. Her daughter, Linn, 13.
Liv Ullmann is thinking about having another baby. Within the next two years, if the man is right and the situation is right, the actress told writer Susan Berman in a recent interview, she might do it…”


State Hospital Reporting

Award-winning coverage of conditions in state hospitals, 1977-78.

Was Boy Beaten at Hospital? (PDF)

The mother of a mentally retarded child at Stockton State Hospital says her son was apparently beaten by another patient and may sustain permanent brain damage as a result.
She and some hospital employes blame understaffing…

Health Official Gnaizda Makes Surprise Visit To State Hospital (PDF)

It is an unforgettable sight, the hospital. At times horrifying, always deeply moving. Some visitors complain of migraine headaches and sour stomachs upon leaving. A government official who visits it regularly says it gives him a “gut-ache.”…

Probe Reveals More “Mismanagement” In Stockton Hospital (PDF)

The death of a 9-year-old boy and the alleged embezzlement of patient money are only the most startling revelations to come out of a state investigation into conditions at Stockton State Hospital…

Study Of Patient Funds Looms At Stockton Hospital (PDF)

The State Health Department is revisiting its procedures for handling money in patient trust accounts at Stockton State Hospital in the wake of parent complaints that some accounts are mismanaged…

Report Shows State Hospital Patient Died After Drug, Data Were Mislaid (PDF)

A 9-year-old epileptic and mentally retarded boy died at Stockton State Hospital in 1972 after his medication and important medical information concerning his allergic reaction to the epilepsy drug Dilantin were “misplaced.”…

San Joaquin Coroner Reopens Probe Of State Hospital Death (JPEG)

An investigation into the 1972 death of a 9-year-old mentally retarded and epileptic boy at Stockton State Hospital has been reopened by San Joaquin County Sheriff-Coroner Michael Canlis…

State Probes Possible Embezzlement At Stockton Mental Hospital (JPEG)

The alleged embezzlement by an employe of patient trust funds at Stockton State Hospital in 1972 has been the subject of intensive investigations by the State Health and Finance Departments…

Health Care Probe In Stockton Prompts Prescription For Change (JPEG)

Stockton Hospital Employe Transfer Called Warning Against Criticizing Administrators (JPEG)

Stockton State Hospital Probe Imperils Medical Chief’s Job (JPEG)

Stockton Hospital Probe Demanded (JPEG)

Official Vows State Will Not Allow Cover-Up At Hospital (JPEG)

Stockton State Hospital Child Abuse Charges Are Probed (JPEG)

Why They Died; Hospital Probe Shows Carelessness But Few Crimes (PDF)

Death Coverup; How Did Retarded Youth Die? Truth Cloudy 4 Years Later (PDF)

Hospital Debate: Who, Why, How? (PDF)

State Mental Hospitals Leave Painful Visions Of Horror (PDF)

Mental Hospital Deaths – 36 Are “Highly Suspicious” (JPEG)

“Human Zoos” … MD Condemns State Hospitals (PDF)

A Girl And Her Family: Story Of Success In A State Hospital (PDF)

Children In Peril… State Mental Health Services Inadequate (PDF)

‘Monster’ Falls… In Mental Hospital Sweep (JPEG)

11 Temporary Appointments To State Mental Care Facilities (JPEG)

DAs Will Review 158 Hospital Deaths (JPEG)

Data On 158 Hospital Deaths Will Go To Local Prosecutors (JPEG)

Death Of LA State Hospital Patient Brings Charges Against Technician (JPEG)

Drug Limits Ordered In State Hospitals (JPEG)

Teen’s Death Renews Hospital Controversy (JPEG)

Doctors’ Course In Drug Abuse (JPEG)

New Disclosures of Patient Deaths Intensify State Hospital Tragedy (JPEG)

Hospital Probers Report (JPEG)

Brown Boosts State Hospital Staffs By 1,000 (JPEG)

Procunier Says At Least One Patient Death Could Result In Prosecution (JPEG)

State Hospital Probe… 1,000 Deaths, Few Prosecutions Likely (JPEG)

United Parents Lighting Up Darkness To Aid Retarded (PDF)